Forests for Food Security and Nutrition

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International Conference on Food Security and Nutrition


13-15 May 2013

Natural forests are critical to the survival of people living in and around forests and they help deliver clean water to agricultural lands by protecting catchments.



The International Conference of Forests for Food Security and Nutrition, which will be held in Rome, Italy on 13-15 May 2013, will increase understanding of the crucial role that forests, trees on farms and agroforestry systems can play in improving the food security and nutrition of rural people. The conference will propose ways to integrate this knowledge in policy decisions at national and international levels.

This conference is being organised by the FAO Forestry Department. Partnerships have been established with the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), the World Bank and Bioversity International.

The objectives are:

· To highlight the ways in which forests, trees on farms and agroforestry systems contribute to food security and nutrition.

· To explore policy options and innovative approaches for increasing the role of forests, trees on farms and agroforestry systems in food security and nutrition.

· To identify key challenges and bottlenecks hindering that contribution.


· Policy-makers from ministries in charge of forestry, environment, agriculture, rural development, finance and planning.

· Scientists.

· Practitioners involved in forestry, land-use planning, food security, nutrition and climate change.

· United National Agencies and other international organisations.

· The private sector.

· Non-governmental organisations.

· Community and farmer’s organisations as well as indigenous peoples groups.

· Wide geographic representation and the participation of women will be encouraged.

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